a Rus Robert Blemker film:
The Book of Faces

We have another Chicago Screening for The Book of Faces, bloody cool!

January 30, 2020

Finding local festivals to share our proof of concept is close to our heart.  Our  blood soaked… pulsing…dark…heart…  Our next victims will be the juicy people at Chicago Independent Film and TV Festival  as ‘The Book of Faces’ is now an OFFICIAL SELECTION for their March event.  https:ChicagoIndependentFilmFestival SITE  They have a proven track record of throwing a vicious party, screening great work from local content creators pushing the limits with hypnotic raGe iNdUCing ImAGEs!!! (I have to take my meds… breath…breath) What we want to say is “Thank you CIF+TV! We are so happy to be a part of your event, talk shop, share art and grow together.” More information to come, please spread the word as we work to bring the feature version of our film to life: @bookoffacesmov